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When should I expect to receive my order?

Generally, packages are bundled and dispatched within 24 hours right after an order is placed and paid online or over the phone. Expect your order to arrive in 7 to 10 days for international destination. Orders shipping to (USA and CANADA excepted Hawaii and Alaska) are expected to arrive in 3 – 4 days.

Does Carushe´ship in my country?

The following lists all countries where we are currently shipping:

United States (USA), Canada, U.K (United Kingdom), Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Iceland, India, Jamaica, China, South Africa, Namibia, Ukraine, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Angola.

What are your shipping charges?

Standard shipping

Please be advised that shipping costs are non-refundable charges.

1. Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all orders shipping to (CANADA and USA) starting from $49.95 USD as well as international orders shipping to Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, U.K, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Ukraine, Belgium, Austria and Spain where the same policy is applicable. Please be advised that this list may be updated in the future.

2. Standard Shipping

All orders under $49.95 shipping to USA and CANADA costs $2.49 USD. Australia or New Zealand destination only pays $8.55 USD and Europe destinations such U.K, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Belgium pay $5.00 USD.

Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and others pay as low as $5.00 per order (orders under $49.95).

Expedited shipping

 Expedited package shipping to USA and CANADA cost $9.50 per order, whereas Australia and New Zealand pay $38.19 USD (packages are shipped the same day and expected to be delivered in 2 days).

Selective countries in Europe (France, U.K, Germany, Italy, Spain and others) pay $37.20.

Please note: Although an expedited delivery is shipped the same days (within 24 hours), International delivery timeframe vary depending on the courier service on the ground which may delay package delivery at your door.